Form Blocks & Tabs Structure

I have a form application that has the following structure under the next column.

  1. Below
  2. Below
  3. Tab
  4. Below
  5. Below
  6. Tab
  7. Tab
  8. Tab

When i run the application. I get

  1. Below → below
  2. Below → below
  3. Tab → tab
  4. Below → tab
  5. Below → below
  6. Tab → tab
  7. Tab → tab
  8. Tab → tab

I this normal behavior? I was expecting to have

3, 6, 7, 8 as tabs
4 as sub-blocks under 3
5 as sub-block under 4

In theory the setting is for the NEXT block.

So 4 as Tab is expected, since you set the next block for block 3 as Tab.
(also this logic means that the setting in the last block is ignored)

But when you have many blocks and many changes of below\beside and tab, what you get sometimes is a mistery to me as well.

try doing it one by one. Start with 1 and 2. If OKAY go to 3 and so on. Layout of blocks is sometimes confusing.

Thanks, I ended up redesigning the form.