Form edit link parameter passing

I have two forms. The first form is used to record scores for players in a skittles match (don’t worry if you don’t know what skittles is). The Select field for each player has an edit link to the second form enabling the user to add a new player. The process works perfectly, I don’t have an issue with adding a new player. What I want to do though is to identify whether I am adding a player on the home team or away team. To achieve this I have a variable on the add new player form called [HomeAway]. This is then used to identify the TeamID and add the new player to the correct team. In the edit link on the calling form I save a value to the [HomeAway] variable. If I am editing the list for a home player I set the value to Home and Away for an away player. The problem is this value is not being passed and the [HomeAway] variable remains empty.

I have also tried passing a variable declared and set in the first form to a variable in the second form and this does not work either.

Am I doing something fundamentally wrong or is there a bug in the system. Any advice would be appreciated.

If all else fails I can get the user to select the team on the new player form but this seems cumbersome.