Form/image/longblob/image(database) not saving image in production

form don’t save images. Tested with a simple form in development and production enviroment. the form will not save the image in the production enviroment.

Something similar happens to me. In development and production I load an image file (As document in DB Mysql) the system loads and deletes the registry correctly but the image file always has a size of 0 kbytes. It is urgent. I work with Scriptcase 9.5.003. Linux Ubuntu and Mysql. Thank you.

Hi. I am not sure what your specific symptoms are here, but have you checked the apache error log for any exceptions. I had a similar issue, and found an uncaught exception being thrown in the apache error log. If it is the same problem, You may find more details in the post noted below, including a work-around to comment out some offending code. Regards.

Unfortunately this problem is still not fixed in version 9.6.001, what a shame! When can you count on the solution to the problem? I don’t feel like adapting 20 files every time I do a deploy.

The error has still not been resolved after several updates (seven months). What’s going on with you, what’s wrong with you? Please Netmake, your bug-fix policy is destroying you and your product.

I don’t know if this will solve your problem but it work for me. I changed the type on the db to longblob and then synchronize the form app. I hope this helps.

You can also be sure that the BLOB column in the MySQL table is large enough to accommodate the size of the image you are trying to save. The maximum size of a BLOB value is determined by the max_allowed_packet server system variable, which is set to 16MB by default. You can increase this value up to the maximum of 1GB if necessary.

thx, but the problem is solved, with an Update 9.7XX.