Form with master/detail does not work in modal

I have a grid A and a field B that link to Form C.

Form C has two master/detail links.

In field B, if the link property is set to modal, Form C opens with blank info.
In field B, if the link property is set to another window, Form C opens with correct information.

If I open Form C alone, it also works fine.

Any idea on how to make it works with modal?

Hi, I am looking for this solution as well. Same problem

I have to UP this, as I’m having the same issue currently, and this is the only post I found about it, but nobody provided a solution.

I also have a grid, which has a link in a field, to a form.
When I make the form open in a new window, it works perfectly, but if I choose to open it as modal (in the Link properties), the form would open correclty, but all of its master details won’t work.
The master/details of the form only work If I navigate to the next element, then they start loading correctly!

So this happens only on the first load of the modal, once I click my link in the grid.
I assume this is a bug, as I tried creating new form with a single master/details, and using them when clicking the link, but as soon as I set the link property to “modal” , then when the form opens in a modal, its master/details part won’t be working

try to look via inspector which function is called when going to next element. Maybe you can call this function in an event when you load the modal in order to load the data.

Same problem here but going from Search App to Form. Directly the form work but not if using the Search App. Either using the onChange Submit or sc_redir in onValidate