Forum: How can I see new posts?

Other forums I visit have a link to “New posts”, which finds new posts since my last visit to the forum.

It looks like this forum does not have that. :frowning:

If it has “New posts”, please tell me where to find it. Thanks.

The Tab ‘latest activity’ is useful in this context too.

I don’t like it because sometimes is not ordered by answers.

OIC, yes that is good. It would be excellent if they provide a “New Topics” button on the main forum page. Then one can see new posts in all sub-forums (as is usual for many forums).

I agree with you that the Tab ‘latest activity’ is not user friendly.

How do you use the “New Topics” button - do you go into each forum, one at a time ?

Also, sometimes the spelling checker is not available when posting a reply. For example, now I have a red line for a word (a spelling error). But when I right-click to fix it, I don’t see the usual spelling suggestions. Instead I see:

Any idea how to get the spelling checker instead?


About spelling, don’t know, I don’t use it.
I think this is related to your browser/computer, and you don’t see corrections with right click because right click behaviour is overwrited with own forum right click menu. Makes sense?

About new topics no. I just enter on Discussion subforum for example and then I click on New Topics. “New topics” comes from all subforums.

OIC, thanks.

Spelling not shown:

I think I know when there is a problem with spelling. If I click Quote to reply (like I am doing now), then spelling is NOT available.

However, if I just add a new message at the bottom, the spelling check works!!

If the ScriptCase people see this, maybe they could fix it?

Does not show ALL new topics. For example I added a new Topic under Suggestions yesterday: SQL builder - please provide option to display fields alphabetically

This does NOT show up when I follow your tip to see New topics.

Because is your thread and you don’t have it unread. It appeared to me


The New Topics button has disappeared from this forum!
Do you see it?

PLEASE bring back the New Topics button!