Foud bug with password field


I have a project that uses a password field on a form, but behind the scene this password field is filled through code like this (example to replicate it): {my_text_field} = “hello”;
So nothing fancy here.
Now, i added this code to the onLoad function and the field is empty, no dots are showing. When i set ‘password field’ to ‘no’ everything works fine, so the text “hello” is showing.

To be sure, i have created a control with just one text field that was not linked to a DB, and the same occurred.

I am using SC 7.01.0009.




Issue reported to our bugs team.

Bernhard Bernsmann

Did you fix this bug? I have similar problem. When I put like a password field, the value of field is not filled with database data, it is rendered like an empty field, so when somebody want to change data of the user, must fill the password field. That is natural behaviour?

Yes, it makes no sense to read that password, especially since it is usually encrypted. In your app you should remove the password field from the update scenario and install an extra function for password change.