Friday Webinars - Portuguese only, or English?


There are some great topics shown for the upcoming Friday webinars:

Will these also be in English?
Especially “Trabajando con CSS y Bootstrap en Scriptcase” i.e. Working with CSS and Bootstrap in Scriptcase

This one has already been done in English. Afaik you can find it in the scriptcase youtube channel. Don’t expect too much of it as Bootstrap is not (yet) used natively.



Search doesn’t find it!
Maybe it isn’t available in English?

Why don’t ScriptCase repeat their new videos in English?
I have watched several of Marcia’s videos in English and they are great!


This webinar is spanish, not portuguese, and as Albert Said, dont expect too much. Bootstrap can be integrated on SC in the way is usefull.

I can’t find the youtube post so perhaps they removed it or was not uploaded as I’m present at a lot of webinars. But this link might be useful.

Thanks for the link.

[SIZE=18px]I hope that ScriptCase runs webinars in English in future.
The webinars I have seen are very useful.[/SIZE]