GANTT chart & Job possiblity

Hi all,

I have a question regarding the design possibilities and the functions of the Gantt chart.

I need filter functions, categories/ tasks, sub-categories / sub-tasks, different colours, descriptions and so on. I found no possibility to set up what I need with scriptcase. Has anyone experience with building a Gantt chart. (Please see the attachment)

Does anyone know a better integration with a modern design? (maybe FusionCharts)
Does anyone have a code sample / a GANTT sample implemented in Scriptcase?

For more requirements and a job possibility please write me a private message.
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I suggest to look at dhtmlx suite.
Easy to implement and integrate in an SC project.


Thank you! Maybe it will be a good possibility!

Hi, I made a test using Gantt chart from FusionCharts included in SC, it’s a blank application that echo everything, since you can use Fusionchart in js.

It’s not finished, but you can setup any option , and read tasks (and dates) from a DB.
Let me know if you want to have the draft.

I used the sample here and customized it. (it’s version 3.11.3 of FusionCharts because it’s the version included with SC)


sample_gantt.txt (30.5 KB)

Here the sample…

The sample render two gantt, using two json data structure in JavaScript. The first gantt rendered use a js data structured filled with variables filled with data read from a DB, the functions return php array then translated in json data for javascript.

If something is not clear just ask.


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Simply perfect!!!
Grazie Vincenzo