Get file listing

Small table…getraw (varchar) and pk(int…primary). If I make a form with getraw as document file, it nicely gives me a select files option. The file I need is already on my server. I want to be able to choose it and NOT have it upload, but capture the name into getraw. Is this what document file is doing? Second how do you set the default directory where select file would search on a WINDOWS server?

Thanks…making much progress.

Want to edit this because I found a way to choose a file by file name without getting the file duplicated…just getting the name.

If you use document file which has the built in “select file” option, but do NOT want to do anything but capture the file name, turn off the option to autoincrement file and set your application directory to the same directory that holds the files. It will see you are trying to copy the file to the same location and since autoincrement is turned off, will NOT duplicate the file to “filename(1).txt” but will simply capture the name in the database. For me this is a livesaver since we are sending files to stored procedures and no one had come up with an easy way to grab the file name.