Get temporary file name with complete path

Hai everyone,
I am developing an application where I have to get the uploaded document name with path with following scenario:

field name : document_upload_path field Type Document (File Name)
After going through many forum topics I could get it working. So the credit of the solution (if it right) goes to all the members of the forum who contributed to this temporary path / file
I am using a variable to get the path with the name of the file uploaded into variable $temp_fileName.
Following is the statement for the getting the file name with path
$temp_fileName = $this->Ini->root . $this->Ini->path_imag_temp ."/" .$this->document_upload_path_ul_name;
Note : Files uploaded are first stored in a temporary directory which is fixed in Scriptcase development environment configuration when deploying.
The files are given actual name and moved to designated storage when Saved / Inserted
I am sharing based on my personal trials. I can be wrong and request other members to post any corrections.