Global Variable missing!

Good Morning,
I have an application in which have following structure:
Main Menu
----First Project
--------First Division
--------Second Division
----Second Project
--------Third Division
--------Fourth Division

While each item has links to open forms and their sub forms. Some time I gets error that global variable not found, but when refresh it goes away. Why this kind of error comes; the main part of this is when I goes to show project to my boss it comes and while testing it don’t. Please help me. :confused:

This error useually occurs when you have introduced a global variable in an app (output) and you are using an app with this global variable set as input without having called the introducting application. Personally I don’t like the system of introducting globals just where you need them, I like to declare them as soon as possible at one spot only, i.e. the logon form. Then you can be sure that the global variable is always available. But you still need to feed them with the correct data of course. But your error is caused by the fact that your page is called outside the expected flow.