Global Variables in Blank Application not used anywhere and they belong to another app

Greetings All,
I have a blank app that works fine. The problem I have is this morning when the app was run, it is asking for input global variables from that this blank app does not use anywhere but the SC interface in Global Variables shows that are defined in a button… and this button is defined in another app, besided, this is a blank application with only the OnExecute code and none of these variables are defined/used anywere. Seems like Scriptcase inserted code from another app into this blank application.
If you click on the Global Variables option, the variables are in there but not used anywere, they belong to another app. Very weird.
Anybody has had this same issue?

To avoid the input global variables, I set them as OUT instead of IN… but they are still there and they do not appear anywehre in the source code in the OnExecute section. The blank app does not use any global variables but Scriptcase is still inserting the variables in this blank app.

Seems like the code of a form application (this one has the button with the global variables) somehow got mixed with the code of the blank application (global vars are never used or reference in the code)…why?.. That I do not know… Anyway, I deleted the app and rename the backup blank application I had and the global vars disappeared.

If you display the global variable list it give you the location of where the variable is used in the code

It is important to see the difference regarding in and out for global variables. In my early days with Scriptcase I found out that using global variables was a bit messy as declaring them in one application might be generating issues if you are using another application without passing the declaration application. I end up (and am still using this approach) by declaring global variables in my login procedure, so I know that they always will be there when I address them.

Thank you all for the input. Yes, global variables are a bit messy. Those global variables giving me problems were not used anywhere in the code but still were being included in the “Global Variables” section of the application at the bottom.