Good Hosting (VPS) Provider in Australia

Does anyone know any good hosting provider in Australia that can be used for a project created with Scriptcase? As sometimes you need shell access to diagnose errors, most shared hosting providers does not allow this. So I guess only option is to go for VPS/dedicated server option.

Has to be reliable, fast but not very expensive. May be I cannot have all of that?

Thanks caser for your reply. I have found a provider and registered for a VPS with Crucial ( It is very convenient as now I have shell access. It fast compared to shared hosting too.


That sounds good aari77 that you have found a good web hosting service provider, I was having similar issues with my website(, the crawling rate was very poor and bounce rate also goes too high, then i moved to godaddy which i found to be the best as because my crawling rate is know much better and also i have seen a dramatic change on my website bounce rate as well.