Google application is dangerous

I had the same problem with several systems developed in scriptcase, Google randomly marks them as dangerous and other times not, it really is a serious problem and the scriptcase people do not give any answer

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It’s not random, whenever I add a new connection, pammmm red alert.

For me it is a big problem. Since it doesn’t provide a solution, I’ll have to find another alternative to scriptcase.

Hello everybody.

Just to let you know that our team is aware of this issue and we are working to resolve it as soon as possible.

I’ll let you know here as soon as we release the version with the fix.



yes, i had this problem

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Same problem for 2 sites.

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a month passed, a serious (showstopper) problem and…


good morning,
It’s been quite a while, and we still haven’t got a solution from scriptcase. What do we do? We have a tool that we cannot use.

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We hope that the SCRIPTCASE support staff will speak up and tell us when they are going to have this problem solved.

This has nothing to do with Scriptcase. It has to do with what you put in your site.
Sometime it made Google think that you are doing Social engineering.

Social Engineering (Phishing and Deceptive Sites) | Google Search Central | Documentation | Google for Developers

Google can be wrong, and it was twice with me. One with Scriptcase and the other with Wordpress.

Use the Google Search Console to help you resolve the problem.

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See post of robertoferrazBug Tracker Team.
" Hello everybody.

Just to let you know that our team is aware of this issue and we are working to resolve it as soon as possible.

I’ll let you know here as soon as we release the version with the fix.


I think that if this is happening to customers and you promise to come back with a solution - even if the issue is not an SC issue - you could post the solution here.

The issue is open since 22th of March…

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Hello, this weekend I have to add new databases, so I know that I will be without service for 2 days. My clients will see the red screen and freak out. A bad service that I am going to give to my clients :frowning:

We are waiting for SC TEAM fix this problem. When will that day be?

Here the same problem with different scriptcase applications. It takes 2 /3 days to get unblacklisted. One domain was twice blacklisted.

I have the same problem. When publishing an SC application to an Amazon EC2 server or instance. And it only happens as they say when there is a change in database connections or full release. And Google Chrome and browsers detect it as a malicious site or with Social Engineering risks. Can you tell me before “” when requesting a review that they argue, so that they remove the “Dangerous” warning?

Good morning,
I have found a small patch, which helps us with this problem. When changing the connections, do it with Microsoft Edge, if you do it from there, in my case I have had no problems. It seems that Google Chrome notifies Google and that’s why it happens, however from Microsoft Edge it doesn’t happen.

Try it and you already tell if it works for you.


This has happened to me twice now. On this last one, in Google Search Console, the issue seems to be with redirection and references the /_lib/prod/ production pages. Does the latest v 9.9.015 fix this issue? I heard a very quick reference to this in the announcement YouTube video; “this update is very important for the Google security.” 2:34 into the video

Is this the “fix” for the security warnings when updating a project to the php 8.1 environment?

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The new version of scriptcase expects to recompile and redeploy.
But that means reconnecting the databases on the various production sites.
I don’t want to start fighting with google blocks again

Today I saw that after the switch to version 9.9.017 the google block has been activated.
Deceptive site ahead while installing version 9.9.017 (16)

Has anyone else had similar problems?

Hi @newsaeta, I had this problem yesterday and I solved with this video.

May be help you too. Good luck, regards.

A few months ago, with a new installation on a new server, the google block on the domain and all subdomains started.
iI was a nightmare - a week of complaints from my customers
I wanted to wait to update to the new version of scriptcase to see if the problem was fixed, but I think it might happen again.
I don’t know whether to wait any longer or to risk it.
Has anyone else had similar problem?