Google application is dangerous

Hi guys, I’m using scriptcase for a project. Until now everything was working fine, but suddenly I found that Google informs me that my application is dangerous. Has anyone had the same problem?

Thank you

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I can’t read it, but does your application run under HTTP instead of HTTPS?

The application runs with https

This is running in some containers in docker, I have created a new container with a simple html and I have the same problem. Therefore I rule out that it is the fault of scriptcase.

Thank you anyway.

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You can avoid this message by using Windows Explorer.

That warning page indicates that Google is not familiar with the site. You still can proceed by clicking the ‘Details’ button and click on the link ‘Proceed to dangerous site’.

I got this message when running it using the site IP address (eg. http://111.222.333.444) on the URL. It goes away when you use the proper domain name (e.g.

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I have been able to make some progress on this topic. The funny thing that hasn’t happened to anyone else.
I have set up an environment that is the same clean of everything on another server. I have deployed a scriptcase application and in principle everything is fine. But when I have added the connections (I have 5 different mysql connections) inside “_lib/prod/lib/php/” and I have saved at that time red screen, and all the domain, it shows dangers error in google. In fact, later I created an html in another subdomain and the error persists. Solution send notice to google and after 2 days, they remove the red dangerous notice.

Has anyone had that problem?

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Today i have the same problem.
All my domain is affected by the red google message.
I send notice immediatly, but i am waiting for a solution.
Every user who logs in, with the android smartphone, reads the security warning that blocks the website
Scriptcase needs to check for the problem, there must be something wrong with the login page


hi newsaeta,
your solution: send notice to google and after 2 days, they remove the red dangerous notice.
is it tested?
Google have removed your notice?

Hello @MarcelloC, on the two previous occasions, yes they have removed it. In the latter I am still waiting.

They will inform you when they remove it.

In case it helps, the only browser that does not put a red message is Microsoft Edge.


did you understand what code can drop the site to blacklist?
I replied to the message on google but I didn’t get any feed back?

Well, I really have no idea, I simply reproduce the problem when I add new connections.

The rest is an instance in the cloud, as if it were a vps and I use a tool to deploy called caprover. But I only have a problem with scriptcase and adding connections.

In your case, do you have something to highlight about your configuration?

In fact saturday i reloaded all the website for the switch from php73 version to php81.
So I initially edit the database connection.
If so, you should avoid republishing the entire site but only the updated pages to avoid database relinking.
How long have you been waiting for the latest reset from google?

The first time, google, it takes 1 day
The second time, it took 2-3 days.

My clients calling me every day, we’re going crazy.

Has it only happened to the two of us?

I have been able to speak with the support team, and they are working on fixing this problem. Apparently it is a problem that was previously reported and they are working on it.


google unblocked my domain and 2 subdomains where the php73 version of the site is still running.
Another 5 subdomains that were updated over the weekend with the php81 version are still reported as dangerous for phishing.
The installations of the new versions were done with the file downloaded from scriptcase without any other modifications.
I don’t know what to do, do I ask to move the license back to the old version and put the old versions of the sites back online?

Just for curiosity: Does it happen only with apps running with PHP 8.1? Or with PHP 7.3 it does the same?

On Saturday, google reported the main domain as phishing risk by calling the login pages of the various scriptcase projects to which the subdomains are connected.
Until now, both projects with php 7.3 and php 8.1 were reported.
Now google unblocked the warning on the main domain where there is no scriptcase app and 2 subdomains which are connected to two different servers with php 7.3 version.
The 5 servers with the new versions (from which the whole problem started) are still reported as phishing.
By doing an external scan from an analysis site, dangers are reported on the versions of apache, php and openssl installed on Saturday with scriptcase.

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Thanks for the info.

I just got a mail from google with site verification ok
The reasons for reporting and unblocking did not indicate them

The same in my case, email from google everything is fine, but they do not explain the problem despite expressly requesting it.

This is a problem for me, because if I add a new connection, it will happen again.

I hope scriptcase solves the problem as soon as possible.