Google Font inside scriptcase

Can you please inform me how to add custom fonts (google fonts for example) to Scriptcase CSS? I lose a lot of time having to go through every application I deploy and modify 30 different CSS objects to include the Google Fonts so that I can use the extra fonts (which are not available by default in Scriptcase, unfortunately). I just want to be able to download google fonts and install them in the scriptcase directory so that I can choose them directly(when making new themes etc).

All I see is that you can download the font directly from google. If you check a font e.g. Kaushan Script and you use quickuse you will see the page
Here you see @import url(; so simply open a browser with this:
This will show:
@font-face {
font-family: ‘Kaushan Script’;
font-style: normal;
font-weight: 400;
src: local(‘Kaushan Script’), local(‘KaushanScript-Regular’), url( format(‘truetype’);

Thus your font is at:

But still you need to have the client use the font…
More info here:

Yes, I was already importing the google fonts directly into the script case css forms(I should have elaborated more in my initial post). As that is time-consuming I would like to find a permanent solution. Not to mention all the other issues with the CSS that I am finding in Scriptcase. I can not edit/create a new css theme and apply it to any project since Scriptcase refuses to display any of that CSS. As far as creating forms and deploying with what Scriptcase already has built-in it is lovely. But it is total crap for trying to do any kind of real customization regarding HTML or CSS without mucking through all the dependent CSS file structures 1 by 1 and changing every single one by hand. And then that is even riskier because the way they have set up dependencies inside of Scriptcase it randomly doesn’t like this and starts spitting out errors.
TLDR : Have Scriptcase directly include this (less then 10Mb to download the google fonts and have them included in the Scriptcase installation, by Netmake/Scriptcase)