Google Map Question


I’m trying to map latitude and longitude to google maps. I have an editable grid with several columns including a column for latitude and longitude (DB column type is FLOAT(10,6) for both as recommended on the google developers page). Home is set to latitude and longitude and Display Mode is set to New Window (the modal window always showed up blank). I have the Latitude and Longitude fields set for the appropriate columns in the database.

After populating the 2 columns correctly (40.346475 and -70.967410) I press the Map button on the row which I want to see the map and the new window is still blank (no map). What I see in the resulting URL in the new window is type=latlng but there are no values for latitude= and longitude=. If I take the lat/long previously mentioned and insert them into the URL parameters, I now see my map.

Why is ScriptCase not populating the 2 parameters in the URL?

Anyone have an answer to my problem? I would really like to get this feature to work.


Ok after working with tech support I figured out what the real issue is. It’s not that google maps code is not working, it just doesn’t work with an editable grid.

When i switched the form type to single record, the google maps button worked. Any other setting that deals with a grid will not work. I’ve asked tech support to follow up on why it doesn’t work. I suspect it ScriptCase cannot distinguish between the record that is associated with the button and pulling the appropriate fields from the the row. Hopefully ScriptCase will see this as an issue and fix it.

I thought SC was more responsive to bugs than this… This issue has been open for over a month and still no fix yet. Support told me they are “bundling” this fix with other google map coding. Well I have an application ready for production and still nothing… Very disappointed!

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