Grid App - Ajax Events

I’m having a difficult time understanding what is allowed in the onClick Ajax Event field. I can get macros like sc_ajax_refresh and sc_ajax_message to work, but any attempts at writing javascript code don’t seem to execute. Here’s what I’m trying to do:

I have a Blank application with 2 iframes, each with a different Grid application. When the user clicks a record in one of the grids, the Grid application in the other iframe should display the new query (using the field passed by the Ajax event).

The first hurdle is to get something to run in the Ajax Event. I have some ideas on how to handle the update of the second grid but any advice is welcome.

Not sure why you are using a blank application? I would use the the Nested Grid option in the first Grid application.
Have a look at this video Scriptcase 9.9 - Advanced Nested Grid - YouTube

I am looking at the Nested Grid option, but wanted a layout that is not supported by Nested Grid. For example, on the left side, I have an iframe with a list of devices. When I click a device name, the details of that device (pulled from another table) are displayed in the iframe on the right side. Both of these iframes are separated by a jquery splitter. All of this depends on that onClick event however, so if that doesn’t work in Scriptcase, then I’ll need to find another way to do this.

Why non try to solve using 2 grid applications and a dashboard like in this example:
Sample and tutorial

It might be the easiest way.