grid Column Order not working

grid Column Order not working

Could be this.
Is the column you want to order filled with a lookup? Then the order will be based on the indexes and not on the value you see in the column. You have to change your GRIDSQL and add the names directly in het sql with JOINS between the 2 tables.

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Hello, @salvatore

Can you please give me more details about this issue?

Some screenshots and maybe a step-by-step would be fine.

Thank you for the feedback, @nonkelmike

I’m gonna do some tests about this behavior and I’ll let you know as soon as there is any news.


This bug is also quite critical for me.

I use an editable grid to control attendees at the reception for events, and the impossibility to sort the attendees by name is hugely annoying …

NB : the event attendees are taken from a “contact” table and can at the moment only be sorted by contact id instead of their name.

Thank you in advance for a quick fix!

i guess they are working on it? :slight_smile:

NOT solved in v9.3.010 :frowning:

In SC 9.4 STILL the SAME. SC any news???

SC9.4.003 STILL the same!!!

Hello, @salvatore, @nonkelmike and others.

We really appreciate your contact.

This issue is not a bug, because Scriptcase does the sorting by the original index as a matter of fact.

However, we are discussing the viability of this increment and, if approved, I’ll contact you to inform the good news.

@ robertoferraz:

A lot of users including myself will be happy to see this function added to SC. If you check the forum you will see that this ‘problem’ has been posted many times. There is even a video on youtube where a user explained this.

Believe me this function will improve SC!

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Si vemos los ejemplos en la página
el grid funciona perfectamente, por qué a mi no me funciona igual de forma predeterminada ?
Encuento que es una función básica el orden por lookup y no por id del campo.

Esto funciona muy bien para mi…