Grid Edit Link: How to set the Tab Title with value of the current record?

In a complete standard grid without any custom set up, we can use the “Edit Link” feature to open a form related with the current record.
When setting up the link, we can request the form to open in a tab within the App. This works well. But how can I give the tab name a value of the current record?
For example: the grid represents contact and when I open the record with an Edit Link I’d like the tab to have the name of the contact.
I tried to use the field name but SC does not interpret the field names in the tab title field of the link and just display {fieldname} instead of the value.
I thought about using a global variable which is interpreted correctly by SC in the tab title field of the link, but I didn’t find any event related to the Edit Link to reset the global variable value!
See the link set up about the tab name: Capture1|690x358

It’s possible using some code, see this code:

there is the code to open a tab, you can customize the function adding more parameters (name of the contact) so you can use it as title of the new tab.

you can create a global with the name or the value that you want to appear and you enter it in the header title of the report(grid),

Hi nsch2308.
This does not work because there is no way to reset the global variable. The Edit Link is the button on the left of each line and so far I haven’t found any event related to this “Edit button click” to reset the global.

Hi Vincenzo.
Thx a lot for your answer. It works perfectly like a charm.
Just wonderful.
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I use page tabs in a form. I want to change the tab content if that page is empty (ie: grey it out)

Will this code work?