Grid - How to change the default "no record" message?

Hi there.
I was wondering if there was a way to change the “no record” message in grids?
As I don’t show the header, the user knows what it is about when there is at least 1 record. But when the grid is empty, it shows a “No record” message and I would have liked to change it to for example “ORDERS: No record yet”.
Any idea where I could achieve htis?
Thanks a lot.

You can type the no record message into:
SQL > No Records Message:

Gunter Eibl

Hi Gunter. Thx a lot. Got it for the grid.
Btw where are you located?
And how can I do that in a form?

Hi jefch,
I’m located in Munich, Germany.
For forms go to Application > Messages > No Records Message

Gunter Eibl

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or in the language editor aswell

Hi Gunter. Thx a lot.
I’m in Switzerland. How long have you been working with SC?
Thx also nonkelmike.

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I’m trying to add an URL in the “No Records Message”. I tried the following and it crashes the app. Any idea how to achieve this?
Thy a lot.

No record available with your search criteria. Would-you like to open <a href="https://myUrl" target="_blank">Specifi URL</a>

Hi jefch,

I’m working with Scriptcase for about six years and coaching web developers for about two years now.

Regarding the link in the no reacord available message of a grid…
Try using single quotes:

<a href='https://myUrl' target='_blank'>Specifi URL</a>

Works for me.

Gunter Eibl