Grid Lines per Page value is kept even if changed in Toolbar Option.

I created a grid and took the default “record lines per page” value of 10. Then in “Toolbar->Options” I changed the “Records per page” values to 12,24.

When I tested the grid the “View” options were: 10,12,24.

This part of my submission is not really a bug but an anomaly. Once you work out what is going on you just need to make sure that the default “record lines per page” is in the list of values you really need. Maybe some documentation will sort this one out.

However, there is a bug here. The validation of “record lines per page” on the Grid Module->Initial Settings form is faulty. If you enter 12,24 like you would for the toolbar settings then the values are not rejected as they should be and the application crashes with the following message:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘,’ in /opt/NetMake/v81/wwwroot/scriptcase/app/monitor/grid_channel_config/grid_channel_config_grid.class.php on line 370

I think the form should pick this up at point of entry.