Grid mask on grid not working

DUH … use xxxxx not 99999!

I have fields on a form where I have applied a grid mask; phone number (999) 999-9999 or zipcode (99999-9999). I am storing the data in the database as just a number without the mask; 5551234568.

I want to see these fields on the corresponding grid for that table, so added grid mask to the grid as well; (999) 999-9999.

What I get is this:
60642-583699999-9999 (Zip code)
(555) 123-4568(999) 999-9999

Something I am overlooking?


to answer my own question … the field in question was a virtual field added to the grid … to make it work I had to create a view

what do you mean with ‘i had to create a view’?

Mask works great when the content is in one table. It works fine on fields that are selected from a table. Not so well with virtual fields. Not so well when data is in more than one table. I created a view - joining the records of the multiple tables - and then built the grid on that.