Grid navigation is not working and Forms also not saving after upgrading to 9.1.007

Hi just wanted to check if anyone else is facing this issue. Few days back I have upgraded to 9.1.007. Now after generating the Grid code, the previously working code is not working. When I click move next button I am getting the message Processing… but this shows up indefinitely. Then I have created a form application with multiple rows, here navigation works fine but when we save nothing happens. This is a serious issue and since I don’t have paid support I am not sure if SC will respond to my emails. Anyone else is facing this issue? SC is installed in Mac OS. Let me know if you need any further details and I would highly appreciate your response. Thank you.

I have realised that I have missed to include </script> which is called in init event and that caused all these issues. Now it is working properly. However I am still getting the above ajax errors when I view inspect element developer function from browser.