grid with Advanced search as Initial Module, how to combine CLEAR and SEARCH buttons

Hello, I have a grid that is opened with the Search as initial module.

Everything works but I have an issue, on the Search part, I enabled the toolbar buttons: Clean and Search.

But as I have some filters that are a radio button, when I click the “Clean” button, what happens is, it removes the selection from all the Radio buttons, so none of the option is selected!!
I have a “Title” option in my radio, that s the default value, and even that one gets unchecked when using the “Clean” button.

This doesnt happen for dropdowns, when I use the Clean button, dropdowns get reset to the “Title” value, I would like this to happen also for the radio, is not nice to see a 3-option radio with none of them selected!

And the second issue is, when I press “CLEAN”, it resets the field, BUT to automatically reload the grid with the clean filters, I need to push the button Search!
On each filter I have the OnChange enabled, so when I select a filter, it automatically reloads the grid with the filtered data, so I would like this to happen also when you Clean the filters, it resets them all AND it reloads the grid with no filters applied!!

Currently you need first to press “Clean”, so it resets the filter, and then you need to press “Search” to make the grid reload without any filters, how can I combine these 2 buttons?

I even tried creating a new button in my grid (as you cannot have custom buttons in the Search toolbar), and using the code:




combined together in a single button, but this doesnt work, maybe I did it wrong? or maybe you cannot call this from the grid?

I tried to solve these issues too, but did not found a way to do so. Maybe someone else ?

I am facing the same problem. Any solution?