Grid with Application Link of Form - start form in add mode

I have a Grid with an application Link to a Form. I want the form to start in adding a new record mode and not show an record from the grid. For example, start adding addition time entries and the grid list this week hours already entered. If it opens with an existing record the user is likely to attempt overwrite. Still want to allow user to select to edit from grid.

Added sc_apl_conf(‘time_week_time_form’, ‘start’, 'new) to the GRID with link to FORM; Results is a blank form but form think’s it is still in update mode {warning info will be lost} and still have ‘Add New’ button on form and no ‘Add’ button. Setting key = -1 in Form gets the same results.

put the sc_apl_config in the onapplicationinit of the FORM, not on the grid.

This macro, sc_apl_conf, must be used by one application to modify the properties of another application.

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