Grid - with variable

I need some help.
I want to generate a report from a grid with only one field and many records.
The field-type is HTML Editor.
The content is interpreted as HTML because it has to be printed formatted.

But before the report can be generated, the content in one record must be adjusted (existing content + variable content).
This should then result in an individual report.

I thought the easiest way was to put variables in the HTML editor field of the record in question.
But I find no hint to put variables here (not in forum, not in manual,…). Javascript is ignored or not or I’m too stupid for the syntax in the HTML editor field. :crazy_face:

If that doesn’t work - because that just doesn’t work in the HTML editor field (which I just don’t know …) , does anyone have an idea how I could solve this?
Sorry, I don’t quite get it :roll_eyes:
Pls help - thx