Grids on mobile devices ...


i would like to display datagrids on mobile devices without scrolling left or right. On a small mobile (example: iPhone in portrait mode) i will only display two or three columns, on a large mobile i will display more columns.

How are the easiest way to do this?

I have experimented with sc_field_display(), but this is a lot of work … It lacks IMHO a setting at Fields / <fieldname> / Display Settings thats display this field only if the app running on a specific mobile device. A specific mobile device may for example:

small phone - 240 px width
phone - 320 px width
small tablet - 480 px width
tablet - 768 px width
desktop - 1024 px width
large desktop - 1280 px width

When i use “phone” in Display Settings this field should only display if screen.width >= 320 px.

Do you know what i mean? Are there better ideas?

I’m sure this will be improved in next updates. Meanwhile I think you can’t. In V8 you can show/hide columns and save distribution, but this is for “runtime”, it lacks the same for server side right now

I hope …

i have never worked on it…its great if it will work… just hope for the best… :smiley:
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