Heavy document loading error in longblob file field (database)


I have used many times the field of “image (database) or file (database)” without any problem, it has always worked for me.

But this time, I am trying to use it to load heavy files (the real one I think not so heavy), I am testing with files from 9 megabytes to 100 megabytes, and when trying to upload it from the form, the browser simply goes blank.

I go out and enter again to see the loaded records and this last one appears with the loaded information, I try to see the loaded file but it does not open anything, only a screen appears showing the extension, I check the database, and in the longblob field appears in 0 “(BLOB) 0 bytes”.

I have tried several types of files (I have restricted extensions and I have also left unrestricted), but the same thing always happens, when I save the form after 2 seconds the screen goes blank and nothing happens, it is not saved no attachment, only information, and the app is there, stopped blank.

I have already reviewed the upload limits of the php.ini and I have them at 256 megabytes, this happens both in the laboratory environment (same scriptcase, it is more the scriptcase php.ini is in 1024 megabytes), as well as in a fine environment, and always the same thing happens.

I need help, the idea is to be able to use this database to store files of condirable weight, this is only tests.