Help, IPN with paypal

Please, can I have an example of how to use paypal IPN with scriptcase?

Albert aducum had presented complete paypal integration session from A to Z

I need too, I saw the youtube clip but nothing about IPN.

hi, same probelam, have you solved it?

The IPN is a ‘hidden’ message that is sent to you and that you need to receive. In general it’s the final message that payment has been done. If you don’t receive this message than it’s most likely that payment went wrong. You need to make a blank page that receives the data and process. To test you might need to set things up so that your page (running locally) can be called, in my case i uploaded it so it was more easily accessible.

The video I made for SC is very old and SC has changed some things in their implementation. I could not find my old implementation, but in general just process the parameters you receive in your IPN page.