HELP !! Local menu works nice , Server menu looses lots of items (incredible !!!)

Hi all,
just a very strange problem.
I did a fresh manual installation of vers. 7.1.009 and I have a super used menu that now makes me some problems when I deploy it to production server.
When I run the menu application locally everything works properly and I can see all items as inserted .
When I deploy it and then transfer to production server it loose lot of items .
That’s almost aand really mysterious becouse these is first time that it happens.
Could it be connected to type of menu choosen ?? (Fair/Blue) . I checked every item and all are well inserted.
I’ve tried also to modify it and regenerate more time but the result is always the same.
PLEASE I’m in production and I have LOT OF HURRY to solve this mistery… !!

I’ve copied all the menu tree manually on attachment but it seems to me all correct .


Menu_Tree.txt (3.75 KB)


Isn’t the issue related to the user’s permission on your system (aka security module)?

Bernhard Bernsmann

I didn’t make any particular menu configuration or permissions.
What do you intend with aka module ? Does security work different from local to server ?
Menu worked as expected until I did a new version installation but also with .8 I had some problems.
Could you please suggest what to check in detail ?

Well that depends. You can actually set all applications to work without security while you are developing your system.

But other than that, no. Are you using the same database on your production and development environment? If not make sure that the logged user has access to those applications that aren’t showing up.

Bernhard Bernsmann

Project has got about 190 applications and all of them are set without security flag.
I got only one admin user only both in development and in production environment.
The very strange thing is that menu and applications are all made with similar settings and before .8 and .9 versions I didn’t have any problem on viewing all items of main menu.

The problem was in sec_groups_apps .
Locally no problems , on server side incredible effects !! Any forms had any security restrictions.
It was very hard discover the problem becouse it has been first time that server made such strange behavior.
Probably after installing new version .9 some flag were set differently from .8
Thanks also to bartho that in some way make me thinking around permission.
These tables are made automatically from SC security process but the can have very strange behavior if not deeply controlled.

Hello Giovannino,

Thanks for your feedback. I’m glad you were able to solve the issue.

Bernhard Bernsmann