Help! Problem with upload file after deployed

I already deployed the web to prod, all seems fine, except when I access forms with upload fields.
After I browse the file, and click start, nothing happened. Just some kind of progress bar that isn’t moving, and the status of the file is still pending upload.
The problem also exists when I try to access the file that already in the database table. The link to the file is there, but it said the file does not exist.

In development, everything is fine.

Has anyone experienced it?

Guys, I’ve tried the previous thread’s workarounds. I’ve edited file index in \scriptcase\devel\lib hird\blueimp\index.php, and also change the directories in advanced deployment. Still didn’t work when uploading.

Is there any other way?

You upload files are stored in your tmp directory first, so this might be a security issue.
Does this also happen on your own machine in which you develop? And if so then under what OS is this?

Plz, don’t post issues more than once. This issue has been answered in another thread also.