Help with automatic lookup on grid field

I have table of words (dictionary) with 10 fields, each with a value of ‘Y’ for yes to display. They represent the emotions of a word such as Harsh, Affirmative, Logical, etc. Currently, the grid has separate lookup fields for each tone. Instead, I would like a drop down which allows the user to select a tone which will then filter the table display. So, I created a table of Tones to help with this. I’ve tried a an automatic lookup with a Select field, but then I have 10 fields on the Advanced Search form. I just want one field with a drop down. It is fine if it only allows selection of 1 Tone, so there would be 10 items in the drop down, each associated with a Tone, and then wanting that, if the selected Tone, has a Y for some words, then the grid will display/filter for those words that have the Y on that Tone field. I’d appreciate instruction on how to do this in SC8 Advanced Search. Thanks greatly.