Help with setting up security module with LDAP

Hi, I am new to Scriptcase. I have a customer that wants LDAP authentication for his system. I am trying to set up thre security module with that type of authentication. However I am an independent developer that works from home, I do not have a Windows Server on which to test le authentication. Someone suggested a to try connection with
which apparently is an online LDAP server for testing purposes. I used the parameters that are on the web site. I was able to configure the apache directory studio and from there I was able to see the LDAP setup by forumsys. the parameter are as follows:
Port: 389
Bind DN: cn=read-only-admin,dc=example,dc=com
Bind Password: password
user: tesla
HOw ever when I try to configure the security module in scriptcase withe the same parameter,s and when I click on test connection button it always saiy “Authentication error with server,make sure the username and password are correct”. I does not let me continue, Is there a video or a tutorial with examples that helps me setup the LDAP… I really need the orientation.

Thanks in advance