hide a tab in my menue

I have a Tab menue with links to my applications. In my example there are 7 Tabs.

I will show only all tabs if there is the setting of a special tag in my database.

The sourcecode which scriptcase generates for the menue is:
<a href=“javascript:nm_gp_aba3()” target="_self">Reparatur</a>

I don’t know how scriptcase generates the tab menue. There is no macro to hide a tab.
Is it possible to hide it with javascript? I can not find a solution.

Does anybody has possible a solution for this problem.

use a block in layout to set the tab (next field is tab}

then use in onscriptinit


  • Hide/show a block

if ({field1} == ‘some_value’) // Display block
sc_block_display(block1, ‘on’);
else // Hide block
sc_block_display(block1, ‘off’);

Hi Rotrax.
This works well for blocks contained within a Page.
Let’s say I have 10 tabs (blocks) within a Page and I want to hide the whole Page. I don’t want to hide each block one after another. The idea would be to hide the Page directly.
Any idea how to achieve this ?