Hide/disable checkbox in multiple records form

Hello, i need to know, if it is possible to quit or disable the checkbox in a multiple records form. I found in this forum the way to select all records in this type of forms, but it doesn’t work well because the checkbox.
Thank you in advance.

Why not use a grid if you don’t want the checkboxes?

Because i need to get a lot of items, using a barcode scanner, and it’s the only way i found.

Have you considered to create a control containing x input fields? Then after scanning x items you can hit save and process the data in a few sql statement?

We are working with 1500 input fileds, so i think it will be a hard work.
I try with isset function, i can know if the field is checked, but i can’t uncheck it.

[QUOTE=mamoreno;24918]We are working with 1500 input fileds, so i think it will be a hard work.
I try with isset function, i can know if the field is checked, but i can’t uncheck it.[/QUOTE]

1500 input fields in same page? :confused: :eek:
Are you sure this is well designed?

I think it works well, it`s a system to take the work that several persons did through a barcode, each work takes a few minutes, so exists a lot of works in the same day of a lot of people. Sorry but my english is very poor and i can’t explain better. I didn’t find a better way to take the data, because they need to work fast and with many barcodes.

I think that a single form with one field would work as you can automatic submit the data by some simple javascript. See http://scriptcase.aducom.com/cms/e107_plugins/faq/faq.php?0.cat.6.10

If each work take a few minutes the response of a second won’t be a problem.

If you have a form with 1500 fields, when do you submit? There is a limited session time and if power fails or someone does something stupid all scans are lost…


Can someone teach me how I can disable the check box in the multiple records form.
The reason is I want the user to edit the records freely without the need to confirm (to click the update) the edit.
I can achieve it by executing an ajax event (on change), so when a field is being edited, a sql update will be executed right after.
It works, but what bothers me is the check box, because each time I edit the row, that row would be selected automatically.
Is there a way to disable this trigger (I do not want it to be selected after editing).

Thank you!

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use css to hide or disable them

Thank you so much for your response.
Can you teach me now I can do it?
Thank you!

Hi nonkelmike

Thank you so much for your reply!
This code amazes me. I really did not know scriptcase can actually customize our need in this way.
The code works, but the only thing is the column of the check box is still there with an empty content.
However, it is already near perfect for me.

I noticed one thing that you used the global variable here. I will have to set this global as type “OUT” otherwise it will request for setting the value whenever the app launches. Does it also happen in your end?

I really appreciate your help.


to remove column. But check ID using inspector!

    #hidden_field_data_sc_seq'.[therowline].' {display: none;}

Setting global to OUT is needed!!

Thank you very very much!

I have this same issue.
I am scanning in 100’s of barcodes in a retail environment.
I am using multiple record form, with each form consisting of a single field, the UPC number
Problem as stated before is that the check box is required each time.
I am using an Ajax routine to insert the UPC after each TAB.

Where would I insert this java statement I see here? Does the row number need to chnge for each entry?