hide edit pencil

I need to hide the pencil to edit that appears in the grid I can only hide buttons in the events but not as hidden icons to edit or delete please is very important

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From the toolbar you must remove the Application link and create Field link.

I hope this will help.

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Hi Jaime,

I don’t know if you mind your users seeing the edit form or not. If it is okay for them to see it but not change anything you can use security and don’t give them change rights for that form. They will be able to see it and even change it, but there won’t be a ‘Save’ button, so they really can’t change anything. I do this and also do it with delete rights.

Hope this helps you.


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have you tried this:

sc_apl_conf(“your application”, “lig_edit”, “off”)

Macro Scope:


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I can call a field as a grid in the event onApplicationInit need to do this

if ({state} == 1) {
sc_apl_conf (“system”, “lig_edit”, “on”);
else {}
sc_apl_conf (“system”, “lig_edit”, “off”);

but when I put the {state} I do not recognize
as if I can put in for comparison with the 1

is very important

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You have to set {state} as a global variable [state] in the calling application.


Than you can do in “yourapp - onApplicationInit”

if ([state] == 1)
sc_apl_conf (“system”, “lig_edit”, “on”);
sc_apl_conf (“system”, “lig_edit”, “off”);

I aplied sc_apl_conf (“My_grid”, “lig_edit”, “off”); but the “Add button” also disapear,

I just want to hide the pencil.

You can use CSS to hide elements in the interface, just echo this:

echo "<style>#[SIZE=12px]id_img_bedit[/SIZE]{ display:none !important;}</style>";

Note: Just make sure that the ID or CLASS of the pencil is correct

Is working perfect, onScriptInit, thanks a lot!