Highstock and SC9.2

Hi @all,

I try to implement Highstock in SC9 blank app, but my chart wont be loaded… I think Highchart could be loaded in the app, not as a libary or something else:

my code in a blank app:

<script src="https://code.highcharts.com/highcharts.js"></script>
<script src="/js/highstock.js"></script>
<div id="container" style="width:100%; height:400px;"></div>
$(function () { 
    var myChart = Highcharts.chart('container', {
        chart: {
            type: 'bar'
        title: {
            text: 'Fruit Consumption'
        xAxis: {
            categories: ['Apples', 'Bananas', 'Oranges']
        yAxis: {
            title: {
                text: 'Fruit eaten'
        series: [{
            name: 'Jane',
            data: [1, 0, 4]
        }, {
            name: 'John',
            data: [5, 7, 3]

Could someone test in his/her own development enviorement? I get no errors and only a blank white page… I did it like https://www.highcharts.com/docs/getting-started/your-first-chart

Did I anything wrong?