how do i configure the production environment in scriptcase

im working with scriptcase php code generator and as i build up my project, i uploaded it into my account in Now, i try to open it from the browser using and it needs the initial configuaration… all well till now, the prboblem starts when i get to the 3rd step where i need to setup or edit my db connection… here it shows me this:

“404 - Not Found The page you are trying to access does not exist. If this error persists, please contact the website webmaster. If you are the webmaster of this site make sure that: You have uploaded correctly your files to the public_html directory which is the web-root of your account; You have not misspelled the URL. Bear in mind that letters are case sensitive and no blank spaces are recommended; In case you have applied SEO - SEF URL rewrite rules, make sure you have renamed the htaccess.txt file to .htaccess. If there is already a non-empty .htaccess file, check it and make sure the necessary rules are uncommented.”

… and, when i click on the rename connection, it shows: “Rename Connection There are no connections saved on the production environment.”

none of these reasons is the one causing the problem…than what should i do??

thanks in advance!!

It looks to me that you haven’t uploaded all files or something went wrong. I would retry the full deploy including all stuff necessary (libs/css etc). Then re-upload. If you are deploying on linux then take care that initally the _lib folder and subfolders needs to have 777. Then when you set up the connection, the configuration file will be stored. After that set the rights back to 644. Then the application should work well.

Would you please specify all files or types of files to be uploaded because I do not know which files have not been uploaded

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Choose a full deployment for your first deployment of your project and upload all the files in the zip or unpack them all on your server.

You should upload your files in the zip, if they don’t work, pm me.