How do I delete my ScriptCase Forum Account

Can someone tell me how to delete my Scriptcase Forum account? I started receiving emails from ScriptCase, which reminded me, I still have an account. I’ve been clicking around for several minutes and cannot find how to do it. I no longer use ScriptCase due to it’s buggy SQLLite dependency and the hours required to find a check box to tick or selecting from endless options, when it’s just easier and faster to write the HTML code yourself. I use Lazarus with the Brook 5 Framework component. It builds websites that are as fast as NginX. You have to code the HTML yourself, but even that is way faster than fighting with ScriptCase’s 3000 options. Learn basic HTML/CSS using W3Schools and you won’t need ScriptCase. I will just keep saying bad things about ScriptCase until ScriptCase forum admins make it easy to delete a user’s account.