How do I use more than one background image for my PDF Report?

I’ve been trying to build a PDF report that has more than one page that differs from the first page using the PDF Report application. How can I create a report that displays an image on page 1 and a different image on page 2, different image on page 3, etc… etc?

When I use the upload image button, it only lets me use one of my uploaded images and there’s apparently no option to have more than one image. When I increase the page count, it duplicates the image onto the other pages.

I have the exact same requirement.
I have to print a 4 page contract as a PDF. I need to have a different background image for each of the 4 pages and I add the appropriate fields on top.
Anyone know how I can achieve this?

Just add the following code to the second page and change the image name with provided dimentions (216*279):


Where to put this code exactly? second page of what?

Thanks for the response @iiiax - Does this go into the ‘Code’ section? If there are 4 pages, can this be repeated for subsequent pages?