How do you (quietly) prevent a form from actually updating

I have a form that’s based on a ‘not updatable’ mysql view. The form has insert disabled and its supposed to allow only update operation and is displayed as editable grid view.

All the displayed fields are set to "disabled in update mode’. When update is clicked on a row, I update some columns in some other tables inside onValidateSuccess. Then I have sc_exit() after this but when I run the app, it goes into an infinite “processing” loop when it gets to this point. Of course when I remove sc_exit() I get an ugly “Error updating database -
The target table … of the UPDATE is not updatable”

Is there some other way to quietly prevent actual update from the form?

could you use a grid instead of a form and a then popup/modal form linked to the record?

I needed it to be input in-situ.

Ended up creating a temp table thats populated from the view. The form is now based on the temp table. Convoluted but user has better experience.

Thanks so much.