How prevent the loose of data in a form after the insert/modify of data in a form

I know there were some very old (10 years ago) posts about the same issue.
I’m wondering if there is now something new maybe automatic to avoid the loosing of data if a user leave a form without hitting the save button.
I think a warning messafe with save or leave button inside could be enough.
Actually, if the user forget to click the save button, all changes are lost when leaving the page and no message is shown indicating that he has made change.
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I’m surprised because since some versions of Scriptcase when a field in a form has been modified and the user leaves (with return or esc per example) the page without saving, Scriptcase displays an alert message.

Of course if the user closes his browser or if the maximum session time has been exceeded, the unsaved data are lost. Client / server operation

there is maybe a setting of form that I’ve for error deactivated ?
If you like I can record a short video of it

Hi, SC has already that functionality:


Hello , I set the Notify to ON but nothing happens.
Let have a look to video here

What about making the Back button a Submit Form button, with a sc_redir after the form submits.
That way, any changes are saved.

how can I set the button as Submit form ? I never create it because there it that one on default. Write me how . Thanks

Last test was like that but I still don’t understand why data are not recorded.
Within previous button. It seems ok but it not save modified data.

var ans = confirm(“Vuoi salvare le tue modifiche ?”);
if(ans == true)

Try this but not sure it works in the type of Form you have created…

Create a javascript method with name “save”:

return false;

Create a PHP button and put:
sc_ajax_javascript (‘save’);

Yes, it’s more or less the same of mine but with return false; the script end and it don’t make the redir.

what about adding: