How set variable connected to the item of menu choosen

Hi all,
I got a vertical menu and I’m wondering how can I store a variable depending on the menu item choosen.
Something like this

MENU ITEM A ----> [glo_var_menu] = 1;
MENU ITEM B ----> [glo_var_menu] = 2;
MENU ITEM C ----> [glo_var_menu] = 3;

I don’t know how understand which menu item was choosen by user… Is it A , B or C ??
IF menu_choosen = A then [glo_var_menu] = 1; …

Many thanks

In menu - event OnExecute you can do it.

Hi Alvagar,
Thanks , I did like that here down. Is it correct ?
IF ({sc_menu_item}==‘item_9’)
//sc_reset_global([glo_menu_02], [glo_menu_03]);

Just because you are senior I’m doing , meanwwhile, another try .
I created 1 label field on a form (editable grid view) and I put on text the following <img src=’…/_lib/img/scriptcase__NM__ico__NM__arrow_down_red_32.png’ &gt;
I can see the arrow image . Okay !
Now I would like to make a on-click event ajax . Why I don’t see the field on list of “[SIZE=12px]Select the field to create an event” ??? I knew that for HTML image but I was almost sure to see it as label…[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12px]Is there a workaround ??[/SIZE]

IF in lowercase and {[glo_menu_01] without { this way:

if ({sc_menu_item}==‘item_9’)

OK Thanks

For label field ? no way ?

I think you can use a field type text.