How to Access scriptcase library pathfrom {SC_LIB_CURRENT} from JavaScript function

I am using a control application with custom html
I am using an external library as follows

  1. Created hrml as a library
  2. Created 2 folders css and js in the library
  3. Uploaded mystyle.css into css folder and myjs.js into js folder
  4. Uploaded a pdfopen.html into the parent of css and js folders
  5. Uploaded a video.html
  6. pdfopen.html has an iframe
  7. I am setting the source to the iframe in the myjs.js file on a button click as follows
    alert("Clicked Button2 " + vPath);
    document.getElementById(“pdfiframe”).src= vPath + “/video.html”;
    I also have set tried to get the path in the button2 function as follows
    var vPath = “<?php echo {SC_LIB_CURRENT}; ?>”;
    But I am not able to get the video.html to show
    Error as You don’t have permission to access /scriptcase/app/IntellidisplaySystem/control_html2/< on this server.

Can you please help
Thanks in advance