How to add font in PDF Report

I created a new PDF Report app and I want to add new font with

sc_pdf_add_font (‘AngsanaNew’,’’,‘angsa.php’);
sc_pdf_add_font (‘AngsanaNew’,‘B’,‘angsab.php’);
sc_pdf_set_font (‘AngsanaNew’,’’,12);

When I generate the code, I got “FPDF error: Could not include font definition file”.
I have the font definition file “angsa.php” and “angsab.php”. Where do I have to put the font file? I currently put is …\scriptcase\prod hird\fpdf\font.

Any help/suggestion is much appreciated.


Hey CapCode,
did you fix this problem ? I got the same error but I never defined of force any kind of special font. Font fields is always empty for all rows fields.
The report pdf asks that a font is missing and ask for download and installing a set of Adobe… (really strange)

i dont know maybe with sc7, but in sc9. this “bug” already fixed. thanks