How to assign a right (update, delete) on a line of an Editable grid view type form


use Scriptacse 9.7.010

I use a form (Editable grid view) in which I have several records (corresponds to work operations)
I would like to be able to give modification rights or not on a line in function (login = responsible for the work operation)

I know how to give rights to the entire form BUT not to a line of the form (Editable grid view)

An idea

thanks in advance

Hi, try hiding the buttons update or delete for that cases

sc_btn_display(‘delete’, ‘off’);
sc_btn_display(‘update’, ‘off’);

I have already tried this macro
But this disables all record lines.

IN fact, I would have liked to activate or deactivate (update, delete) lines according to the value of an attribute of this line

For the moment I put a check on the onvalidate event

and if instead of putting an editable grid, you put a grid and call a modal form to edit that record, there you can put a restriction??