How to assign a theme to a blank application?


Anybody knows how to get a blank application with a theme?


If you create the blanc application then there’s a second tab. there you can select the theme you want to use. Also you can go to tools _> express edit and change theme to the app’s you need.

Thanks for replying.
Te blank app contains a php form (generated with echos) with a textarea and a submit button, but the theme selected has no effect.

If you have created a form using echo’s you need to apply the correct classes I guess. If you don’t do anything then the theme is there but not used. But don’t ask me what classes you need to use, I really don’t know. It’s using the theme editor of JQueryUI so perhaps you’ll find some info there.

Ok, thanks. i’ll take a look to JQueryUI

Hi, did you make it work? Because I have the same question and I want to know how to do it.