How to: Call a Button's Click Event Programmatically?

How to: Call a Button’s Click Event Programmatically

During the entry and editing is often necessary to click on buttons to the form to change or preserve in order to enter a new record.
Is there a way to programmatically generate the corresponding event instance when leaving the last field on the line?
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Re: How to: Call a Button’s Click Event Programmatically?

I have almost no experience with PHP or with JS, I have programmed in other tools.
Scriptcase we act as a tool with which it can do most things you are looking for my users.
I realize it will take me a while to get into all that and to transfer to new things but I’m trying to shorten that time and has high hopes for this forum.
Suppose I have an idea and maybe do a thing mentioned in the following way:
To put such a keyboard shortcut for Insert, Update, and a second button to click when we need practical I do software simulation of pressure on the keyboard.
But do not even know how to do it elegantly, I would have a long experiment.
As there is no response to someone trying to encourage a discussion.

This is more than 4 years later…
And I am looking for the same thing, I have advanced search fields that I can set onFilterInit, but I am looking for a way to call the click on the search button, or submit the search criteria for the first display. Anybody know a way to do this ? I am quiet new to ScriptCase, to PHP.

I have also set the field value in onFilterInit and set sc_apl_conf("grid, “start”,“Filter”); in the application that opens the grid, no luck…

I also need to be able to trigger a button click event programmatically.

My issue is the following:

In an ajax event like onchange, I can’t use the javascript instruction
document.getElementById (“id_sc_field_s_firstname”). value = “test”
(where “test” is to be replaced by the a lookup or a sql select when this test will be ok)

But I can create a javascript button to do it.
If I can trigger this button, my problem is resolved.