How to change height of the tab


I am unable to set tab height, there is no such setting I found.
In this case all tab applications comes withc very small height which there is scrollbar on the right and I dont like it.

How to change tab height?

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Same problem here. It would be nice if this is possible.

Could somebody confirm if this is possible?

I figured it out. You can change the size while adding or editing a link to a tab. (height of iframe)


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At first you restore your all setting then you will see everything is OK.

add this css code into your top of the onLoad section

    height: 30px;

    height: 30px;

I think the code from @ahmeranis changes the height of the tab element itself. The question was about changing the height of the window in a tab.

Iā€™m pleased to confirm @CasterTroy was right that setting the iframe height from the master application works perfectly for this.